ERM Program Governance

The Three Lines Model – 3 Reasons Why I Don’t Like It

Everyone likes a clear-cut template that offers an easy way to create or manage something…I mean what’s not to like about a step-by-step process for accomplishing what you want? Sometimes this can work without any issues, such as the case with the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), ISO 9001 standard, or a new cooking…
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ERM Foundations are vital for organizational success

3 Phases to Creating and Launching an ERM Program Focused on Organizational Success

If you’ve been handed the task of creating an ERM program for your organization, let me first offer my congratulations quickly followed by my empathy for the task ahead of you. I don’t say that to scare you but to provide a small dose of reality. Building, launching, and refining an ERM program that is…
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5 Ways to Improve ERM’s Reputation with Executives

The COVID pandemic of the last year blew the lid of uncertainty wide open… And while restrictions are easing and many are returning to the office, this uncertainty shows no signs of abating. In fact, it will continue to intensify. Now this may seem like an incredible opportunity for ERM to help the Board, executives…
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ISO 31000 vs. COSO – Comparing and Contrasting the World’s Leading Risk Management Standards

There’s no doubt among risk professionals… ISO 31000 and COSO are the two leading risk management standards in the world today. I previously discussed the fundamentals and background of each standard – check out the separate articles on ISO 31000 and COSO. As promised, the purpose of this article is to compare and contrast each…
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Launch your ERM Program by First Establishing Governance Structure, Principles and Processes

Learn more about the 3 steps to setting up an ERM program and why they are critical both inside and outside the organization Congratulations! You’ve just been handed the responsibility of setting up or revamping your company’s ERM program. Once the excitement wears off though, you really have no idea where to begin. You quickly…
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