risk informed decision making

Three Ways to Reduce Organizational Change Risk

By Carol Williams / August 12, 2017 /

Organizational change is something we experience and hear about all the time. Don’t you get tired of change? Goodness knows, I do! How many times has an organizational change, like a merger, acquisition, internal reorganization, or market expansion, not succeeded? Too many times to count. In fact, a CEB 2016 Workforce Change survey showed that…

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Practical Steps for Preparing and Responding to Risk Events

By Ashley / July 27, 2017 /

Everyone’s afraid of something. Most people seem to be afraid of normal things, like clowns, spiders, or public speaking. But for risk managers, our greatest fear is that all of our hard work will be for nothing. The risks we worked so hard to identify, assess, and report—the known and the unknown, the black swans…

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2 Simple Steps to Knowing If Your Organization Needs Enterprise Risk Management

By Carol Williams / July 19, 2017 /

You may be shocked to hear me say this… Not every organization needs enterprise risk management (ERM). Of course, before you can know if your organization needs ERM, you have to make sure you understand the differences between ERM and traditional risk management. Then you can start the next step in the process: Step 1:…

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Top 5 ERM Insights Posts You Need to Read Today

By Carol Williams / May 26, 2017 /

It’s hard to believe it’s been close to 9 months since I launched the ERM Insights by Carol blog. I hope you’ve been enjoying the content as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it out there. If this is your first time visiting the blog, welcome! I also want to say thank you to all of…

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How to Use Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance to Guide Decisions

By Carol Williams / May 16, 2017 /

The goal of risk management, especially enterprise risk management (ERM), is to provide management (and the entire company) with valuable insights for risk-informed decision-making.  But day in and day out, decisions are being made that don’t reflect what is voiced in the risk appetite statement approved by executives. Growth is being stifled, and the company…

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