Carol’s Expertise:

Developing Custom Tools to Help P&C Insurers Succeed

I help P&C insurers maintain financial solvency during turbulent times and prepare for long-term growth.


A little about me

My P&C career began as an analyst and later financial specialist with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation where I gained in-depth knowledge of how insurance companies are structured and operate during both hard and soft markets.

After half a decade of comprehensive regulator experience, I decided it was time to move to the industry side of the coin. Working at a large insurance carrier provided an even deeper understanding of not just insurance company operations, but executive-level strategy setting, execution, and more.

This experience sparked intense interest and ongoing exploration into how similar companies can equip themselves to better manage potential threats and seize opportunities in an extremely volatile market.

In case you are wondering, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of West Florida and a Master’s in Risk Management/Insurance from Florida State University. I’m an exercise fanatic, enjoy mystery novels, and relish spending time with my family.

How my experience can help you succeed!

2002Started with Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
Analyst and financial specialist roles within Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) supporting company licensing, reinsurance & contract analysis, depopulation of Citizens, and onsite financial exams of Florida P&C insurers. During the hectic ’04-’05 hurricane seasons, I also played a key support role for both Florida hurricane data reporting and assisting the National Association of Insurance Commissioners develop a multi-state reporting system.

This experience now focuses on supporting insurance companies like yours assure regulators your company is being well-managed in the interest of policyholders and other stakeholders.

2007 – Educated in risk management and insurance from top-in-the-nation RMI program

My work with OIR sparked a deep interest in the risk management aspects of insurance company operations, leading me to attain an M.S. Degree in Risk Management/Insurance from Florida State University.

2007 – Joined Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Carol provides you insights based on her role providing crucial operational data and analyses to executive leaders, legislators, and underwriting and claims personnel for one of Florida’s largest property insurers.

2010 – Built Enterprise Risk Management from Scratch

Manager and subsequent Director-role assisting executives of Citizens develop a customized ERM program to provide a holistic view of threats and opportunities facing the company.

Launched ERM Insights by Carol consulting firm and blog to help risk professionals worldwide across different industries develop practices for identifying, assessing, and managing risk to strategic objectives.

Consulting firm rebranded to Strategic Decision Solutions to better focus on helping property & casualty insurers develop customized tools for addressing challenges and ensuring the company meets or exceeds its goals regardless of the market and operating environment.


“Quit Scrambling and Begin Pursuing Strategic Goals with Confidence"

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