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Enterprise Risk Management Solutions for Insurance Companies

ERM Maturity Assessment

  • Understand your company’s current state vs your desired future state with our proprietary assessment methodology.
  • Descriptive analysis across components like governance, strategy, data management, and communication.
  • Know exactly the steps to take forward with your company’s roadmap to maturity.

Risk Appetite Revamp

  • Take your bland, generic risk appetite statements to the next level of performance measurement.
  • Align your company’s risk appetite to corporate strategy and risk taxonomy.
  • Use familiar metrics, identify triggers for further analysis and action.
  • Be prepared to incorporate this new methodology into day-to-day decision making.
  • Go beyond your typical insurance risk areas (underwriting, pricing, concentration, and catastrophe) and understand implications of major and minor decisions.

Risk Software Selection

  • Confidently purchase software to help manage risk information and support practices, whether for corporate insurance, enterprise risk management, or strategic risk management.
  • Gain assurance that the software you purchase can meet your requirements for both current and future risk-related processes.
  • Clearly articulate the business, technical, and corporate expectations to your potential software vendors.
  • Evaluate the prospective software using a consistent, impartial methodology.
  • Implement easier and faster with a partner looking out for your best interests.
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ERM Advisory Services

  • Learn the nuances of good, practical ERM that adds immediate value to your company.
  • Eliminate or avoid potential challenges to implementing strategic initiatives or operations.
  • Enhance your company’s risk communications with management, the Board, and other stakeholders.
  • Gain a highly experienced ERM mentor and advisor to help your team and leadership grow in valuable knowledge and skills.
Case Studies

Efficiently finding the right risk software selection the first time

Company recognized its need for a robust risk management information system to support the maturity of its risk programs and processes, but it didn’t know where to start. This led them to engage with SDS who helped them understand their unique business requirements and ultimately find the right software the first time.

Enterprise Risk Management Case Study

Better, risk-informed decisions with a risk appetite revamp

It was clear to company leadership that its existing risk appetite statements were inadequate, but after working with SDS, management has the metrics, limits, and thresholds directly tied to strategy and operations to make better, risk-informed decisions day-in and day-out.

Overcoming roadblocks in a dynamic environment

Company’s ERM program was unwieldy and inadequate for meeting the needs of the dynamic environment, but with bi-weekly ERM Advisory calls with SDS, the CRO and supporting ERM personnel are now able to work agilely around roadblocks, deliver value faster, and play a more direct role in the decision-making process.

How this company transformed ERM dynamics and efficiency

The stand-alone ERM program at company was barely functioning with no connection to business metrics, processes, or strategic objectives. After SDS evaluated the program, company is on the path to integrate ERM into its day-to-day business, integrating optimal resource planning and allocation, providing leadership with actionable takeaways from risk conversations, and much more.

ERM Client Testimonials
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