Your Current Reality:

Always Putting Out Fires

Market Share Decreasing

Decreasing Revenue, Increasing Expenses Icon

Decreasing Revenue, Increasing Expenses

Growing To-Do List

Your Potential Future:

Looking to the Future

Achieving Goals

Growing Net Profit

Reaching the Finish Line

Strategy for Insurance Companies

Strategic Planning

  • Collaborative research and analysis
  • Interactive workshops over multiple sessions
  • Crafted specifically for your company
  • Three year goals and objectives with metrics
  • Year one intermediate targets and initiatives
  • Communication plan progress tracker

Annual Planning

  • Research and analysis (internal and external)
  • Collaborative workshops over two half-days
  • 1 year goals, metrics, with supporting initiatives
  • Communication plan
  • Progress tracker

Company Performance Diagnostic + Strategic Advisory Services

  • Senior management survey to identify the root cause of the issue(s)
  • Action Plan Roadmap for top five performance constraints
  • Monthly check-ins and strategic advisory calls with executives
  • Quarterly pulse check with senior management (good, bad, ugly)
Case Studies
Icon for How SDS helped achieve impactful long-range planning

How SDS helped achieve impactful long-range planning

The company needed longer-range planning, but its leadership didn’t know where to begin or how to proceed. Using the company’s mission and values as its starting point and the corporate vision to guide the ultimate direction, Strategic Decision Solutions used their proven planning framework to help leadership understand what it could realistically accomplish in 3 years, including identifying metrics for tracking success. Selecting only those initiatives that would really make an impact on those success metrics, the company narrowed its focus to be more successful faster. Instead of frustration at a lack of progress, the company now has more certainty in a volatile market.

Icon for how one ERM department created a sustainable goal achievement plan

How one ERM department created a sustainable goal achievement plan

The Enterprise Risk & Audit Department needed a 3-year strategic plan to prioritize activities and allocate resources appropriately. Using its proven strategy framework, Strategic Decision Solutions helped the department develop four high-level goals with related success metrics, then prioritize their activities to enable significant progress towards better serving their company’s ever-changing needs.

Icon for how one company developed a structured annual plan

How one company developed a structured annual plan

The company haphazardly decided which projects should be done, resulting in projects rarely finishing on time, unsuccessful implementations, wasted money and time, and little to no progress on desired outcomes. After working with Strategic Decision Solutions, who designed a sustainable structure for developing an annual plan, the company’s leadership now has a more defined approach to identify exactly what leaders want to accomplish, and as a result, are now able to successfully complete projects on time or even early.

Icon for the case study how one company transformed during a turbulent hard market

How one company transformed during a turbulent hard market

Lack of structure around general management processes and decision-making was putting the future of the company in doubt as management went from one crisis to the next. After working with Strategic Decision Solutions to address communication and accountability gaps and streamline its management and decision-making practices, the company is now on a solid footing for long-term growth and profitability in a volatile marketplace.

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