Improving insurance carrier performance, decision-making, and value through creative, transformative risk and strategy solutions.

Carol Williams, founder of Strategic Decision Solutions

Which Best Reflects Where You Are Today?

  • Despite everyone’s best efforts, your company hobbles along from one thing to the next with little to show.

  • You tried planning for the future but don’t see any change.

  • You are worried that the company isn’t prepared for this age of massive disruption.

  • You want to improve your chances of successfully achieving goals and objectives.

  • You have been gathering risk information, but by the time reports are completed, the information isn’t useful for decision-making. 

  • The executives resent having to spend time having “risk” conversations because they don’t see the value.

  • People across the company see ERM as a part of regulatory compliance.

  • Risks aren’t connected to business objectives or goals, so people continually question the purpose of ERM.

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