5 Effective Methods to Identify Risks in your Organization

Tools, techniques and best practices you need to know for identifying risks to company strategy and everyday operations…

Without a doubt, risk identification is the most important step in the risk management cycle and should be integrated into every decision.

In fact, risk identification is the foundation upon which the entire risk management process is built.

Many organizations struggle with this essential step and simply resort to haphazardly pulling risks out of a hat. By not using the appropriate method for identifying risks, the organization wastes valuable time and resources on trivial risks.

This reality is why I created this eBook – “5 Effective Methods to Identify Risks in your Organization” – to help you avoid the mistakes I experienced.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • 5 methods for identifying risks to company strategy, a project or process,
  • Common mistakes to avoid, like using interviews when surveys are the best approach
  • 3 critical prep steps to ensure you get the needed results
  • How to know if your efforts are successful, logo-icon and more!


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