Strategic Decision Solutions Helps Your Insurance Company Take Smart & Informed Risks to Maximize Business Performance.

Adopting enterprise risk management will give you peace of mind that your company can meet or exceed strategic goals AND a competitive advantage in an increasingly volatile marketplace.


A few ways we help P&C insurers like you manage enterprise risk and opportunities, quickly streamline processes, and make smarter internal investments include:


Executive Advisory – Mentor your top executives and risk professionals through specific challenges and initiatives


Planning Facilitation – Facilitate your strategic planning discussions to include the risk perspective, providing greater certainty goals will be met.


Progress Accelerator – Assist your risk teams so they will reach milestones much faster


Risk Guide – Create actionable, flexible guidelines to ensure decisions at every level of your company are optimally risk balanced


Designed Risk Practices – Design customized sustainable practices for identifying, assessing, and responding to your unique risks


Support Process Booster – Develop holistic, risk-based approaches for managing vendors, projects, and other big areas of risk without adding bureaucracy…

What Others Are Saying

“Carol is great at having a productive conversation and keeping it from being overwhelming, focusing us on what we need to do to manage the right risks.” VP of Operations

“As usual, always a pleasure, and very helpful…so much to think about and also validated a lot of things.” Chief Compliance and Risk Officer

Your company is unique, even among other insurance companies… therefore you need a unique ERM solution.


Quit putting out fires every day and start having peace of mind that your company will survive and thrive in these uncertain times. Let’s talk about your situation today. Reach out by phone or email or schedule a call by clicking the link below.