How to Move Past “Analysis Paralysis” – 5 Steps for Leaders

For this Independence Day week’s post, I would like to share the following article written for the most recent quarterly issue of Carrier Management, a journal exploring issues affecting executives of property & casualty insurance companies. (However, like previous guest articles in Carrier Management and elsewhere, this article can easily be applied to company leaders regardless of industry.) Inspired by a previous blog post, this guest article speaks to the issue of analysis paralysis from an executive viewpoint.

The burden of leadership involves making consequential decisions that will impact an organization’s employees, customers, suppliers – its future trajectory in other words. While contemplation is an admirable quality we should all foster, it can also become problematic when in turns into overthinking and the dreadful problem of analysis paralysis.

This article (link is below) dives into this common problem and provides 5 steps leaders can take to minimize the potential of analysis paralysis occurring, especially when it comes to major decisions about the organization’s future.

As always, a huge thank you to Carrier Management for the opportunity to help their readers tackle a nagging problem that seems to crop up at the worst possible times.

Click the image below to access the full article.

How to Move Past “Analysis Paralysis” – 5 Steps for Leaders

How do you and other decision-makers in your company get unstuck from analysis paralysis when it comes to consequential decisions?

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