ERM experimentation

ERM to Company Misalignment: Square Pegs Don’t Fit in Round Holes

By Carol Williams / March 25, 2022 /

In many cases, a standard framework like the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), JAVA for developing computer- and web-based applications, or some other business framework is the correct and best approach to take. When organizations embark on the ERM journey, one of the first (…and biggest) mistakes they make is to simply cut and…

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5 Simple Questions for Assessing the Effectiveness of ERM Processes

By Carol Williams / December 9, 2021 /

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of 2021! Whether it’s improving health, changing eating habits, or some other goal, the New Year always represents a great opportunity for a fresh start. A company’s ERM processes are no different… The end of the year represents an ideal time to take a step back…

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7 Tips for Reducing Business Continuity Risk for ERM

By Carol Williams / February 26, 2020 /

Here’s a situation that is all too common… A company hires a new director for ERM. This person’s job is to design and implement an ERM process for helping executives make risk-informed decisions and understand threats and opportunities to achieving strategic objectives. At some point, this ERM Director decides to leave the company and the…

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Experimentation and ERM: How ERM is like Manufacturing a Product

By Carol Williams / September 1, 2017 /

Many people believe that once you design an ERM program, that is it. No changes. No adaptability. It’s our way or the highway when it comes to risk management. But it shouldn’t be that way. Instead, we should treat ERM as an experiment. Risk management practioners use their knowledge and experiences to design a process…

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