enterprise risk management

3 Best Practices for Factoring Risk into Your Strategic Planning Process

By Ashley / June 8, 2017 /

No one enjoys strategic planning exercises. They conjure images of a stuffy room filled with executives in dark suits, stacks of paper strewn across the table, and whiteboards covered in scribble. Even in the most collaborative organizations, each executive represents his own department as he vies for the few dollars set aside for yearly projects.…

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Top 5 ERM Insights Posts You Need to Read Today

By Carol Williams / May 26, 2017 /

It’s hard to believe it’s been close to 9 months since I launched the ERM Insights by Carol blog. I hope you’ve been enjoying the content as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it out there. If this is your first time visiting the blog, welcome! I also want to say thank you to all of…

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5 Critical Steps to Cultivating a Positive Risk Culture

By Carol Williams / May 22, 2017 /

Your company keeps experiencing negative events like vendor(s) not keeping their commitments, product changes that weren’t received well, or people leaving the company in droves because they feel like their job has no meaning or they are not valued. Management doesn’t understand why these events keep happening much less how to address them; they just…

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Enterprise Risk Management as a Strategic Tool for Companies

By Carol Williams / March 29, 2017 /

I previously wrote an article referencing the latest report from the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Initiative at North Carolina State University, in partnership with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  Their 8th State of Risk Oversight report provides an overview of ERM practices for a variety of industries. Although the previous article was…

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Recent Southwest and Delta Outages Expose Huge Technology Risks

By Carol Williams / September 1, 2016 /

Just in the last month, two of the country’s largest airlines experienced massive technology outages that reverberated throughout their entire operation(s) during the peak summer travel season. The first outage occurred on July 20 when a computer meltdown led to the grounding of Southwest flights over a 3-day period. Although flights could land, the computer…

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