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Top 18 Risk Management Resources for 2018

Every organization is at a different stage with their risk management practices, but regardless of where you are, you are making  plans for 2018 on how to take the next step …and trying to figure out how it all works together.

Before I get into the ERM Insights by Carol resources, here are a few sources I read to stay up-to-date on general news and specific ERM commentary:

Of course, my way of thinking about enterprise risk management is not necessarily mainstream…so I want to also provide you with a compilation of the top recommended ERM Insights by Carol resources. Note that you will find links to reference resources within many of these articles.

Making the Case for ERM to Executives:

  1. 8 Ways ERM is Different (…and better!) than Traditional Risk Management
  2. Do Non-Profits need Enterprise Risk Management?
  3. 8 Possible Consequences of Not Being Proactive in Risk Management
  4. 2 Simple Steps to Knowing if Your Organization Needs Enterprise Risk Management

ERM Program Basics:

  1. Launching an ERM Program
  2. Guide to Developing an ERM Program
  3. 4 Critical Things Organizations Must Do to Ensure an ERM Program’s Success
  4. Techniques Used by One of the World’s Largest Automakers for Identifying Future Risks
  5. 5 Effective Methods of Risk Identification at Your Organization
  6. 4 Risk Response Strategies You Will Have to Consider After Assessing Risks

Maturing ERM and Integrations:

  1. The Next Frontier of Enterprise Risk Management: From Compliance to Strategy
  2. Enterprise Risk Management as a Strategic Tool for Companies
  3. Linking ERM to Strategy
  4. 3 Best Practices for Factoring Risk into your Strategic Planning Process
  5. Taking ERM to the Next Level: Adding Value to Projects and Processes
  6. Supply Chain Risk Management: Ensuring You can Survive a Vendor Outage

Regulatory and Oversight

  1. Straightforward Answers about ORSA and What It Means for Insurance Companies’ ERM Initiatives
  2. ERM Not Formally a Factor in Credit Ratings Issued by Top Agency

What books and resources do you read to stay up-to-date on current events and risk management?

I’m interested to learn what resources you find useful and why. To share, simply leave a comment below or join the conversation on LinkedIn.

And if you’re ready to dive a little deeper on your specific ERM challenges, I invite you to complete my quick consulting and coaching waitlist form. I will reach out to those on this list on a first-come, first-serve basis.

As we enter the New Year, my goal is to provide an even more robust resource for both the seasoned ERM practitioner and those who are just dipping their toe in the water and may not even know ERM is a solution.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and best wishes for 2018!!

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